Professional instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (iastm) tools do not have to cost thousands of dollars.  A complete set of 4 Myoshark tools cost $195.00 plus $25.00 shipping. There medical grade, stainless steel tools are such high quality, if you saw them in person, you would buy them immediately.  Each tool is polished to a mirror finish, and has double beveled edges to accommodate for both right and left handed practitioners.  Works well with ultrasound gel and massage cream.

This low price will remain in effect at least for just two days.  My email address is:

Daniel Kamen, D.C.  Licensed Illinois chiropractor since 1981.

Disclaimer:  The buyer or user of the Myoshark tools assumes full responsibility for their use in any and every way whatsoever.  

Note:  You do not need to use gel/massage cream while using these tools on horses.


$295 Includes all 4 tools and carrying case.  Why pay hundreds more?

"Affordable iastm/Myofascial Tools."

Special!! $195.00 plus $25.00 Shipping. Was $295. Sale ends soon. Or buy each tool separately.

What we charge for 4 tools is what most companies charge for just one.  Plus, you get a great fitted carrying case. $295.00.  Offer ends soon.  Order here.



"I personally answer the phone and all of your questions."  

Dr.Daniel Kamen, D.C.

We also sell affordable cold lasers.

Smooth, polished, professsional feel. You'll like them.